100 People Try Durian, the World's Stinkiest Fruit


Known as the world’s stinkiest fruit, durian is notorious for a powerful odour that is sometimes compared to rotting eggs or meat, and a unique texture and taste.

So strong is its smell that’s it’s banned on public transport in some parts of South East Asia where it originates, though some laud the fruit for its unique properties.

What happens then, when you feed this polarising fruit to a bunch of people who’ve never tried it before? As you can see in the video below, most are put off by the smell and not to keen on the taste either. But it’s interesting the variety of different tastes and smells the 100 human guinea pigs ascribe to the fruit, from garbage to onions, mangoes to cheesy flesh.

Check out the comments under the video on YouTube and you'll see that many people are complaining that the durian here is bad, or that you need to try the freshest durian on the streets of Asia to get the most out of it, but regardless it's fun to watch these durian first-timers struggle.

Watch below