Watch a Sommelier Try Blue Wine for the First Time


Wine lovers in the US can now get their hands on Gik, the infamous blue wine from Spain that broke the internet when it was released last year.

The striking blue concoction, which is made from the wine and must (pressed juice that includes the stems, seeds and skin) of both red and white grapes, also contains indigo dye and anthocyanin, a pigment found in grape skin, which together give the wine its distinctive hue.

Gik got into hot water with the Spanish authorities soon after launching, as Spanish law dictates that only red or white wines can be sold in supermarkets, so they were, as well as being fined, no longer able to label the drink as ‘wine,’ or sell it alongside other wines. But, as Eater reports, it will be sold as a wine when it hits stores in Boston, Miami and Texas.

But what we really want to know of course, is how does it taste? Well, The Washington Post recently conducted a taste test with the help of sommelier Morgan Fausett of Proof in Washington, D.C. And the verdict? Very, very sweet.

If you let the video run, the Post also conducts a blind taste test with their staffers, to see if they can distinguish between different colours of wine. It makes for an interesting watch.