This is The World's Best Gelato


They take their gelato seriously in Italy, which is why the locals will be happy to know an Italian gelato shop in Umbria has been crowned as the best in the world.

The announcement comes at the end of the three-year long World Gelato Tour in which gelato makers from all over the world competed for the crowning title.

After local rounds in Chicago, Tokyo, Berlin, Dubai, Melbourne, Valencia, Rome, Shenzhen, Chicago and Austin - a total of 36 gelato makers were invited to Rimini, Italy, to face off with their flavours.

There were a number of different categories to consider across the event, however, the overall winner was Alessandro Crispini of Gelateria Crispini which is in the Umbrian town of Spoleto, Italy.

Crispini wowed the judges with his classic pistachio gelato, a much loved flavour for Italians all over the country. Crispini’s version is made using three different types of Sicilian pistachio which are roasted for 24-hours to release their deep flavours. The nuts are then seared with vanilla beans and caramelised sugar before they're blended with cream. The artisan also adds some sea salt to the finished gelato to bring out even more flavour from the nuts.