The Ultimate Kitchen Thermometer


You might not think the kitchen thermometer needs any reworking but the Swedish design team from Professional Secrets certainly don’t agree with you.

That’s why they set about created a new professional thermometer that can deliver great quality results at a price affordable enough for passionate home cooks.

The company are calling their creation 'the ultimate kitchen thermometer' and are seeking funds on Kickstarter to get begin production of their design. (so far they’ve raised $37,000 towards a $49,000 goal).

They say they have worked with professional chefs and engineered a device that will deliver industrial results at home appliance prices, the thermometers will cost $79 when they launch in 2018.

The design of the finished product is good with some cool features, for example, the display will always read the right way as it changes depending on whatever way the thermometer sits, it displays decimal readings for super accurate monitoring and the super thin probe makes it easy to slip in and out of foods.