Restaurant Faces Backlash for Hanging Cow


A restaurant in Australia has faced an online backlash after hanging a taxidermy cow from its ceiling over diners tables.

Etica Pizza in Adelaide, which serves both meat and dairy products, hung the preserved eight year old Fresian-Hereford to draw attention to “the true consequence of consuming dairy,” they say. The restaurant prides itself on the high welfare standards of its producers.

But it seems the message hasn’t quite got across, with many people taking to the internet to brand the installation ‘disgusting’ and ‘obscene,’ the BBC reports.

An online petition asking the restaurant to remove the cow, known as Schvitzy, has thus far drawn over 5000 signatures.

Co-owner Federico Pisanelli told the BBC that the the cow has provoked many positive responses too since it was hung three months ago, and that all of the meat was consumed following slaughter.

Read a statement below.