Noma Reopening Delayed Until 2018



The long awaited reopening of Noma at a new site in Copenhagen has been pushed back until early 2018, after builders discovered an ancient stone wall on site.

Noma have confirmed the wall has since been examined and deemed insignificant by archaeologists, but the delay has pushed back the reopening of the Noma 2.0 from this December to January 2018.

"These things are fairly common in a city that is over 900 years old, but we dutifully brought archaeologists out to the site to inspect the wall and determine its origins," said Noma in a statement. "After a of couple months, they declared the finding to be insignificant, and work resumed, but for that reason, we are delayed until mid-January with the opening."

Noma has been closed since February, with René Redzepi and the team heading to Mexico for a much talked about pop-up. Noma 2.0 will operate as an urban farm with a restaurant as its centre, with a completely new menu, Redzepi has previously said. The old Noma site is now home to restaurant Barr.

While half of the Noma team, including Redzepi, have spent the summer traversing Northern Europe researching the new menu, others have remained in Copenhagen to stage a casual pop-up called Under the Bridge.