Chantel Dartnall's Inspirational Dishes


Have a look at the gallery of delicious dishes prepared by the South African chef Dartnall, famous for her Botanical cuisine based on natural ingredients.

When a creative mind puts aesthetic talent and a passion for the culinary arts into creating a dish, it is bound to be a great gastronomical experience. South African chef Chantel Dartnall’s dishes have become renowned around the world with her innovative Botanical Cuisine making the Restaurant Mosaic one of South Africa’s top tables.

"Passion, consistency and simplicity" are the three main fundamentals of the chef’s culinary philosophy. Chef Dartnall always tries “to transform the act of eating into a sensual experience”, creating a perfect balance between flavour and beauy, texture and elegance.


Chantel Dartnall’s Botanical cuisine is based on natural ingredients, in which herbs and flowers are the protagonists. Every dish is designed and organised with patience and precision, with a perfect aesthetic balance of ingredients and colors, utilised in a very natural way.

“For me it’s about featuring Mother Nature on a plate. Each dish is designed to reflect the beauty, balance, harmony and purity that you find in nature” explains the chef.


We've decided to take a look at some inspirational dishes prepared by Chantel Dartnall, and share a selection of amazing food pictures at the top of the page.

Some of these dishes were prepared by chef Dartnall in collaboration with Gregory Czarnecki during a 4 hands dinners hosted at Restaurant Mosaic last May.

The two chefs will join creative forces once again on 13 and 14 September 2017, in two new 4 hands dinners, this time hosted by chef Czarnecki at The Restaurant Waterkloof.