6 Inspired Ways to Cook with Squid Ink



Have you ever braved cooking with squid ink? If you're yet to explore the extraordinary depths of this deep coloured and flavourful ingredient available in your seafood arsenal, we're here to tempt you with some ideas of just what to cook with squid ink.

The selection of gourmet recipes below that will show you how to make dramatic dishes with the black ink that comes from cephalopods, like octopus and cuttlefish. And perhaps the biggest surprise about squid ink is that it isn't fishy at all - simply rich and flavorful and umami-packed.

If you're worried about inadvertently re-decorating your kitchen by collecting your own ink from whole fresh squid, you can always avert potential disaster by buying black ink ready to use in small packets from fishmongers or specialist grocers.

Here are six recipes to get you started, including the tried and tested favourites, pasta and risottos, with a touch of chef flair.

Pasta with Squid Ink

Try your hand at mastering squid ink pasta, one of the most traditional ways of making the iconic black pasta from Southern Italy. Not only is it easy to prepare, it also creates a dramatic and delicious bed for a seafood topping.

Squid Ink Risotto

Likewise, learn how to make another tried and tested classic recipe with squid ink - the richly coloured squid ink risotto. This exclusive squid ink risotto recipe was given to us courtesy of chef Fabio Granata and is served with a saffron sphere.

Calamarata pasta dei campi, squid, cave cheese and sweetbreads

Try this exclusive calamarata pasta recipe from the World's Best Female Chef Ana Ros, prepared with Calamarata di Gragnano pasta, squid, cave cheese and sweetbreads.

Black Risotto with Seafood

Technically, this decadent Italian rice dish is made with octopus ink which is just as thick and delicious as the squid variety. It's a stunning dish sure to wow your dinner guests.

Black Ribboned Spaghetti and Seafood Carbonara

Want to really kick up classic carbonara? Pair it with this dark and delicious spaghetti made with squid ink. Top it with salmon caviar for an exquisite finish.

Lasagna with Black Squid Ink

This gourmet recipe comes to FDL courtesy of Milanese chef Matteo Baronetto inspired by Milan Fashion Week.