35 Things You Should Never Do in a Restaurant


What’s your worst restaurant faux pas, the thing you really hate seeing people do in restaurants? Perhaps it’s being rude to waiting staff, or bad table manners, or is it fussy eaters?

Fourth software, as reported by The Independent, surveyed 1500 people in the UK to find out what irks them the most when dining with others in restaurants. They found that 60% of people have been put off by their dining companion’s etiquette, 10% have felt the need to apologise for their parents’ manners, and only one in five think it’s acceptable to upload photos of your food to social media.

They used the results to draw up a list of the top 35 biggest dining faux pas in restaurants. We’re sure you’ll recognise many of these, with the top three being clicking your fingers at the wait staff, talking with your mouth full and being too loud.


1. Clicking your fingers for the waiter’s attention

2. Talking with your mouth full

3. Being too loud and raucous

4. Wiping hands on the tablecloth

5. Blowing your nose in a napkin

6. Letting children come and go as they please from the table

7. Licking a knife

8. Letting children listen to videos on a phone

9. Texting at the table

10. Answering/making a phone call

11. Letting your children play with cutlery and condiments

12. Touching up make-up at the table

13. Asking for a toothpick and removing food from your teeth at the table

14. Placing your phone on the table next to you

15. Not leaving a tip

16. Blowing on hot food too loudly

17. Taking a picture of your meal

18. Not sharing a ‘sharing platter’ and eating more than your fair share

19. Asking for ketchup/mayo in a fine dining restaurant

20. Flirting with the waiter/waitress

21. Tucking your napkin in your collar

22. Holding a knife like a pencil

23. Scooping out the ice from your drink with your fingers

24. Holding a knife and fork in the wrong hands

25. Paying your exact share when splitting the bill

26. Going outside to smoke

27. Pouring white wine in a glass that was being used for red

28. Downing a drink as soon as it arrives

29. Using the wrong cutlery for the course

30. Making a signing gesture for the bill

31. Moving around chairs and tables to accommodate your party

32. Ordering a fussy meal (no chips, no dressing etc)

33. Mispronouncing the name of a dish

34. Asking for a knife and fork because you can’t use chopsticks

35. Asking if a meal is vegan, dairy free, gluten free, etc