The $180 Steak Sandwich

An eye-watering expensive steak sandwich is coming to San Francisco, Eater reports, and no, not in the form of a regrettable late night call to room service.

Tokyo-based Wagyumafia will open at the city’s One Henry Development early next year, where you’ll be able to pick up the sarnie, which consists of a piece of Wagyu beef breaded and fried, and served between slices of toasted white bread, with soy and vinegar sauce, for a cool $180. If you’re unsure just why Wagyu beef is so expensive, then take a look a this info-graphic, which explains more.

Pastry star Dominique Ansel recently visited the Tokyo Wagyumafia, which his been open just over year, declaring the steak sandwich one of his “favourite bites.” The beef looks amazing and though simple, you wouldn’t want to add to much to the sandwich that could mask the taste of the Wagyu, but $180? Not exactly one to pick up on the lunch run.