My Drug - A Poem

My Drug

Your rich luscious
full lips,
like the soft delicate petals of the rose beckon me
Your blonde hair in contrast to
the open wanton darkness of your mouth,
drawing me in the craving growing the need to taste.

The wetness of your kiss,
my drug,
let me chase the dragon
inhaling your breath
feeling giddy from it's effect and falling hard.
Let your body
shared with me ignite mine own
and set my heart to racing
cause me palpitations
give unto me my natural high, that only you can bring.
Your tongue my syringe injecting your sweet kiss into my mouth
and causing my head to spin
you have me addicted, totally dependant upon your kiss, your love.

Every moment we are apart
I suffer my own cold turkey, sweating and shivering for fear
that another enjoys their daily fix
the highs become a down
and I feel lost,
I am your passion junkie
I am your space cadet
your pothead.

You are my dealer and my pusher,
pushing your lips upon my unresistant lips.
So let the others inject and smoke and drink or eat their drugs,
I will always and forever take mine shot gun second hand
directly from the source
your lips
your breath
your love.

You are my drug, may I never be clean of you.