Italian Granita: 4 Must Have Summer Recipes

If the summer sun is pushing you to take solace in the frozen section, and ice cream just isn't cutting it, try embracing the icy chills of a luxurious crunchy Italian granita instead.

Unlike dairy based gelato and ice cream, granita is the Sicilian ice cold semi frozen dessert simply made with water, sugar and various flavourings- meaning it's a dairy free, low fat, refreshing daytime cool down or the perfect way to end a meal on a refreshing note.

If you don't happen to have a bar that serves an authentic Sicilian granita near you don't worry, you can always easily make it yourself at home, without working up a sweat.

Here's our pick of Italian granita recipes to keep you cool when it's hot outside.


For the ultimate in cool and refreshing granita, try this Sicilian inspired recipe with fresh lemon.


Oranga, vanilla and coffee come with the hidden depths of Grand Marnier in this decidedly adult recipe.


If you thought a slice of watermelon was refreshing, try taking it up a gear with even icier notes in this watermelon granita recipe with the elegant addition of rosewater.


Too hot for coffee? This expresso fuelled granita is the perfect solution giving you all the flavour without the heat.