An exclusive chicken recipe shared by chef Gaggan Anand, served at GGGOLA 3 in Singapore, a two-day dining event by Gaggan Anand and Daniel Chavez.
Brown fish stock for Bullabesa Emulsion
Creamy cous cous
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Brown fish stock for Bullabesa Emulsion
Add 150 ml of cooking oil to a heavy based pot and brown white fish bones and medium to high heat.
When bones are brown remove the fish bones from the pot and turn down the heat.
Sweat the chopped vegetables in pot to remove caramelized fish bits from the bottom of the pan.
When vegetables are soft, deglaze with white wine.
Return the bones to the pot and cover with fish stock and add bay leaf, thyme and saffron.
Cook for 45 minutes and strain.
To make the emulsion, further reduce this stock until it is ¼ of its original amount.
Using a hand blender, blend with olive oil slowly until the sauce forms a thick consistency.
Warm the almond milk and add to the emulsion and season with cardamom powder and salt.


Clean the mussels ensuring that all the grit and beards from the mussels have been removed.
Put all the vegetables, lemon juice, wine and aromatics in a pot and cover with water to make a poaching liquid.
Bring this stock to a gentle boil and add mussels to liquid.
Cover pot with a lid for approx. 2 minutes or until the mussels have opened.
Remove mussels from heat and separate the meat from the shell and set aside.

Creamy Cous Cous

Add 170 ml of hot water to cous cous and cover with cling wrap for 5 minutes.
When cous cous is fully cooked use a fork to separate the grains.
Put cous cous in a pot with chicken stock and butter on low heat and stir to make cous cous a creamy consistency.
Season with salt and add chives for color.

To assemble
Lay the cous cous on the bottom of the plate.
Top cous cous with emulsion.
Lightly sear the mussel meat in a pan with a small amount of oil to heat and put on top of sauce.
Finish with espelette pepper and extra virgin olive oil.