A Taste of Tuscany Menu: 5 Dishes you Can't Miss When in the Region

Tuscany. Where undulating vineyards, sun soaked beaches, Renaissance art and medieval towns come crowned with an equally impressive menu and wine list. In fact, this popular Italian region remains a timeless magnet for food, wine and art lovers alike, offering visitors a glimpse of some of Italy's finest facets.

So if you're planning on a holiday to Tuscany, here's our virtual holiday menu allowing you to get a taste of Tuscany in some of the iconic dishes from the region, along with those all important pronunciation tips.

Afterall, if you want to immerse yourself in the Italian spirit it's time to tackle the beauty of the language, not only the beauty of the food. As the Italian saying goes "Sciacquare i panni in Arno" - or to learn true Italian you must go to Tuscany!

Find all the unmissable dishes to tempt you on a typical Tuscany menu plus how to order them!

Happy holidays!