6 Mistakes People Make Eating Sushi

Anthony Bourdain, food personality and presenter of the award winning No Reservations television show, does not to mess about when it comes to other country's food traditions.
His work has seen him taste the world and he does that, in most cases, with the utmost respect.
We'd like to think it's how most people dine when trying a totally new and different cuisine, but with so many cultural rules, traditions and unknown etiquette, it can be easy to make a mistake.
This happens a lot with sushi, mainly because most people who have the chance to partake in the age-old tradition do so without ever setting foot in Japan, many without setting foot in a true sushi restaurant. And, like learning to drive without an instructor, we pick up bad habits.
With this in mind, Food and Wine asked Bourdain for his strict set of sushi rules. The original post is a few years old but the advice is still mighty important if you want to eat sushi as it's intended without offending the person who made it for you.
Below are Bourdain's six sushi rules...Don't Miss the advice of Jiro Ono as the sushi master offers up his guide on eating sushi.
1. Do Not: Make a slurry with all the wasabi and soy sauce. 
2. Do Not: Dip your sushi rice down into the soy sauce.
3. Do Not: Say loudly, "This sushi is so fresh, dude."
4. Do Not: Consider a sushi selection that includes mayonnaise. 
5. Do Not: Mistake a lame pan-Asian place for a sushi spot. 
6. Do Not: Order a California Roll.