6 Beer Gardens and Wine Bars You Can't Miss in Munich

Whenever I think about Munich’s Beer Gardens, sausages, the one-litre beer mugs, the dirndl… Oh man! I get this incredible urge to start singing and dancing on the table. An awkward sight if you are in the middle of a business meeting.
Bavaria is considered as the cradle for what has to be the greatest beer culture on the planet. The famous Oktoberfest takes place every year in Munich and the amount of beer consumed there is mind-boggling.
Last year was the 500th anniversary of the “German Beer Purity Law” called Reinheitsgebot. It was a law that included a series of regulations limiting the ingredients in beer. It was adopted in Bavaria back in 1516. Let me repeat that, in 1516! While the rest of the world was still busy trying to figure out how the wheel works, the Bavarians were debating about the ingredients used in beer. Let that sink in for a minute and think about it. Yes, standing ovation, you should do it right now.
There are no shortages of good places to down a couple of hefeweizens in Munich. Picking the best place is a bit like choosing which one of your children is your favorite. It’s not easy and one should not probably even do it. But here are a few places in Munich where I really enjoy drinking beer. And not only beer! If you, for some ridiculous reason, don’t like beer - not to worry. There are a couple of nice wine bars too.


This beer hall and restaurant is located in the city center on Neuhauser Straße. The convenient location is a perfect excuse to pop in for a foamy treat. Grab a seat in the Arkadengarten, order an Augustiner Dunkel and a leberknödelsuppe (liver dumpling soup). Yummy!
Zum Augustiner
Neuhauserstr. 27 - 80331 Munich


This legendary establishment’s history goes back to the 16th century. The first floor is where the magic happens. The huge beer “vaults” can seat up to 1,300 guests. A live band plays every day and in the evening it can get a bit rowdy. You might have to wait for a place to sit for a half an hour or more. But a nice smile and friendly words can go a long way to get a seat. Be prepared to share a table with beer swinging strangers. Here you drink gigantic one-litre steins of Hofbräu Dark or Original. Sure, it’s a bit touristy but who cares - it’s fun!
Platzl 9 - 80331 Munich


If you are looking for some good beer and a nice atmosphere but want to avoid the biggest tourist traps, definitely visit Paulaner Bräuhaus at Kapuzinerplatz. Grab a pretzel and their Bräuhaus Weiße, you won’t regret it.
Paulaner Bräuhaus
Kapuzinerplatz 5 - 80337 Munich


In the shadows of the near 100-meter tall towers of Frauenkirche is an oasis of sausages and beer. Walking by you might not even notice it but missing it would be a huge mistake. Their rostbratwürstlpork sausages are grilled over an open beech wood fire, and they are insane. Just add sauerkraut or potato salad and you are golden. If it happens to be cold outside just have a soul-warming Rinderkraftbrühe mit Ei (beef-broth with a raw egg). Oh, and if you ask for a small weißbier (wheat beer) you won’t get one.
Nuernberger Bratwurst Gloeckl am Dom 
Frauenplatz 9 - 80331 Munich


If you are looking to escape the Biergartens and enjoy a glass of wine, then the oldest Weinhaus in Munich is a good option. Order a glass of bubbles or perhaps a German Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) and some small delicacies from the bar. There's nothing quite like German hospitality.
Weinhaus Neuner 
Herzogspitalstraße 8 - 80331 Munich


Here I found a home away from home. This chic yet casual wine bar is definitely worth a visit if in Munich. The wine menu will please conventional wine enthusiast and freaky wine geeks alike. Grab a table near the fireplace, order some delicious finger food and prepare to empty a wine bottle or three.
Grapes Wine Bar
Ledererstraße 8a, seperater Eingang - 80331 Munich