Sometimes we put off courage and the strength we need to get by, then we realise at the end of the day what choices we had to put off till next time, we deeply whisper to ourselves maybe tomorrow I'll have the faith and be stronger. 

Courage is empowering your strength it's the hero within our own voices, yet there are times when our attitude hides, and then the courage gets pushed further back, every morning we think of our courage and strengththen by the time we are done it becomes the end of the day.

Even if you are down in tears of sorrow your strength is still there within you, it's awaiting for that one moment when you decide to speak your mind, it's that time when you lose all hope
then you realize, what you didn't get to do or say.

If you pass that one day, or another never give up hope nor your faith, tell yourself you are worth the power it lingers deeply within us all, with our strength listen to your heart, it speaks the true meaning of courage.