I Am Invisible

I Am Invisible

It seems as though I'm here

but I am really gone
No one seems to see me
so I become withdrawn

I hide my true feelings
for I feel if I should cry
they see me as a weakling
so my feelings I deny

I am invisible
the true me hides within
I have to be strong and hold it together
I bear it all with a grin

I think of my family 
and try to stay strong for them
but sometimes I just need someone
when I am at my brim

I don't ask for sympathy

for I do have my pride

but there comes a time

I have to put it all aside


I won't deny the tears

I shed them all alone

or just hide them from the world

my feelings are unknown

I am invisible

no one see's the true me

but I know what lies within

I know someday I'll let me be free