Closer To Her Oblivion

she once had an azure soul
with a tiny splash of

she once had a pure soul,
that was no longer

In the depths of her
bare bronze skin she
held her meaning for

She felt the rush of the
tides as she drowned...
deeper and deeper-
closer and closer...
          -to her oblivion.

No matter the distance,
no matter the resistance,
she held the dread of
death in her essence.

For all the beauty
she used to encompass,
for all the days he
left her a carcass,
she never did learn
her life- long lessons.

Few in the world
felt as she did.
Few were relieved
when running in circles.
Many a time she saw
the sun as an awakening-
a breath of fresh air,
but no other knew
the depth of her glare-
her life not so fair.

There are places she
wondered and reasons
she pondered,
and even though she
was abandoned she
still could not conquer-
for dreams are not
stronger when nightmares

Her deep ocean blue
demons surrounded as
she drowned....
deeper and deeper-
closer and closer
            -to her oblivion.