Set Them on Fire

Set them on fire
Let them burn away
I don't want to remember
The times we had together
I don't want us to last forever
Because let's face it, it's over

The rain pours down
On you and me
Feeling the shame
Taking the blame
For us parting

I know I did so many wrongs
And hurt you like I hurt myself
You're the wrists that I cut
I am so sorry my darling boyfriend
But now we drifted apart
And I am glad you're going away
Because I don't want to hurt you anymore

Burn these memories
Of you and me
I don't want to remember
I have been in a relationship with you
I don't want to remember
All the things I've done to you

I am the one you're sad
That didn't love you much
I know you did try your very best
But I guess you have to give up on me
Because I am you're worst enemy
So delete me for I don't want to be
A memory

Burn me away with the memories
Please burn me so that you'll
Forever forget me

Burn me till I am gone
And throw the ashes of me away.