Faces....Celebrate Life

Celebrate Life

Some say the world is bare; a dark and lonely place
Some say it isn't fair, what some people must face
And it isn't fair, the angst we share
As we wade through our destiny
But that is life, and we are alive
To Celebrate Humanity

Celebrate the girl who falls, yet wills herself to walk again
Celebrate the man who crawls, despite the mounting trials & pain
Celebrate the man who fears, but makes's not fear his master
Celebrate the one who tears, yet recovers all the faster

Celebrate the man who errs, but can admit it face to face
Celebrate the girl who cares, when all the others will debase
Celebrate the one who wrongs, yet tries to right the woes he's caused
Celebrate the man who's strong, yet still walks wisely in his laws

Celebrate the joy we feel, when we live to see another morn
Celebrate the darkened hour, just before the break of dawn
Celebrate the dreams, the hopes, the thought that really counts
Celebrate the pain, the woes, the darkness one surmounts

For what is life but a chain of fate?
Forged by trials and rings of fire
There is nought to do but Celebrate
Our lives before we do expire
Celebrate the smaller things
That make us live better each day
The world will only truly end
When all Celebration fades away