Prose - A Seduction

A Seduction

I Would Start I Think 

Soft Kisses Slowly Progressing


Legs Hands Caressing Slowly
Afore My Curious Lips Epochal Soft Nibbles 
Soft White Skin 
Tongue Drawing Soft Circles upon Your Skin Hands slowly traversing Your Thighs Unyielding to the touch

My Head Resting 
Reclining upon the Softness of Your Stomach Resting Contemplating Feeling Your Pulse Quickening
Your Heart Takes an Extra Beat in Anticipation

A Wondering Hand Softly Fumbling for a portal to ecstasy Now
Still a figment
Hand Tentatively Motionless Upon You Thigh
Head Resting upon your abdomen Lips Curious to Your Taste Argot Eager to tempt 
The Arch or Your Back The Shudder of Your Breathe Chanting a Song to the Ages through my Stuttering Breath

Tongue Now Drawing Small Circles Of Anticipation upon Your Thigh
Dwelling For a Moment before Each Slow Progression
Towards your Essence 
Expectant Trembling
Where shall my Lips Dwell?
Or Remain Forever
Stuttering In Expectation So Close
Inspiration All Around
Withy Fingers 

Your body now
Rolling Gently
Head and Chest Softly close to the Chaise 
Bum Doux Et Ferme
Hands Secured Upon Your Waist Lifting Slowly Head Pressured now in opposition to the Pillow
Head Moving To the Side
Drawing Breath
Ear Hot Knees Creeping Towards the Stars 
Lower Body Rises Beneath Me Back Now Arched 
My Spine Erect
Knees Warm
Just Behind Wondering You Really Want Me Now?

Slowly My Fingers Find You in The Dark Moving Slowly To A Point 
Slowly Moving Around You A Soft Place to Enter Your Soul
Sliding Into a Dream

A Sigh Intense Pulse A Gateway We Are One Joined Together Deeper 
Back Arching Pushing Back Hands Squeezing Tight
Drawing You Close My Essence fractures Wait 
Breathe Consummate
Within You Forever No Pretense
No Holding Back 
A Release of Longing Knees Tremble
Eyes Closed
No Movement
Holding Tight