Two Poems - Breathe and Then There is Peace

There is peace
in this 
vessel: a
cradle between the 
teeth of this
sea, a language 
in the soil, a wrist
waiting in some far-off,
light for my fingered
shadow & 
the salve of a
returned palm. 

I'm not a god the way the 
iris is, the orb of a sunlit
grape, the
mince of salt-
I am not though I am 
reborn, my web 
woven in lurid reds
and whites, a column
a lotus wrinkled
with heat.

Now in
the broken 

Breathe In/Breathe Out
pink bloodied
wings crash down
there is nothing above you
hollow rib-cage breath in
see earth 
as sea blue oval 
gasps for air
as bullet in

your child heart 
a feather
light when you breathe
dust collects 
firm grip
clinched fist 
joy every pore 
in dream
dull white and gleaning
in my sleep 
i can float
be invisible

would be perfection 
to the sky
would be perfection


no matter 
slept through all of it
chaotic septicemia 
everyone heard the gunshot
couldn't reach their cry
it'll seem the bullet was meant to be
glade of my 
skull a river murmurs 
mother tongue and a baldfaced
woman stands 
naked against the
grass less edge, 

breathing only