Lig Reborn deur beeld.. Light Reborn through Image.

Light & Rebirth

Golden Light Was Poured Into My Eye,
As It Enveloped My Shaking Fingers.

It Wrapped Around My Hoarse Voice,
As Though It Were An Elegant Scarf,
Keeping Me From The Cold.

The Light Found Itself Inside Of Me,
Sweeping Away The Dust Of Despair;
Riding Me Of The Shadows Lurking
Behind My Heart.

Beams Poured Into My Mind,
Slicing Through The Grime And Grit
Of The Moments Which Chose To
So Selfishly Define Me.

Colors Emerged From My Parted Lips,
The Hues Which Have Been Treasured 
Memories Of Autumn And Evenings.

A Metamorphosis Had Occured.

I Materialized From A Gray Husk
With Brilliant, Shimmering Wings.

I Am Radiant.
I Am Jubilant.
I Am Reborn.


To get to where I need to go
I need to go back to where I've been
To become what I need to be
I need to find what I once was

To reach my most cherished dreams
I need to let go of my darkest nightmares
To win the one thing I want most
I need to lose what's been holding me back

To realize my goals
I need to destroy my fears
To live out my dreams
I must disperse the shrouds of doubt

To save my very soul
I need to change my ways
To fix what I have broken
I must destroy what is left

To live my life fully again
I need the old me to die
To have an evolution of self
I need to be reborn