Despair. Where are you?

dɪˈspɛː/Submitnounthe complete loss or absence of hope."a voice full of self-hatred and despair"

Where Are You?

I've looked for you through the years,
All I've found so far are tears,
Over lifetimes of hurt and pain,
I find myself alone in the rain.

Have you forsaken me?
This is the end, I did not foresee:
My soul in defeat,
My heart incomplete.

There are those who say look within,
The ones who haven't stood where I've been,
Of course...
I walk tall don't get me wrong,
But the journey's rough and the road is long.

I just need a helping hand,
Someone to understand,
And you...
You were supposed to be beside me,
When will there be someone for Abby?

Won't you come, light my darkness,
Lend my life a bit of bliss,
Slowly I am dying,
In this world oh so trying.