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3d Artist - Adam Martinakis

Born in Poland, living in Athens Greece, Adam Martinakis creates 3d environments that resemble sculptures or installations. Adam Martinakis work ranges form photo-realism to surreal and abstract. Human figures in front of strange buildings, huge faces in pieces, abstract lines in space and couples made of wire kissing are some of the themes he uses.

“I imagine art being a bridge, a connection between the spirit and the material, the living and the absent, the personal and the universal. We explore the unknown of light and darkness, in a supplementary coexistence that forms the event horizon of the creation. I compose scenes of the nonexistence, the echo of the living void, immersed in the metaphysics of perception.”

My work covers a wide spectrum from photorealism to surrealism and abstract. I focus on human conditions and relations. My experiments reflect the knowledge of the absent and the familiar, the real but the unreachable, with the artistic content, to penetrate the depths of the spirituality. New Media , New Circumstances, New Existence… I work in the digital 3d environment, creating new fresh worlds from the beginning. The starting base is derived from the common reality but the result turns into a mixture of post-fantasy futurism and abstract symbolism. I use the projections of the human body as a point of emergency deconstruction. The humanoids are implanted into the new 3d environments seeking for atonement. – Adam Martinakis

Some of the best 3D street art collected from the web and our travels.

Street art which will be painted in the street with the 3D chart from the two dimensional art which will look to be real and not an art. The artwork which is specially concentrated on the visual art done on the public places like roads, street.