Wet Blankets - New Band from Geelong at Record Paradise Anzac Day 2015

And a Sausage Sizzle to help raise some of the $1500 need for Warrick's Wheelchair

Always great day at Record Paradise and this time promoting a great cause for a relative of ours. A bit of a surprise as only two bands promoted but all the members of Wet Blankets were there so why not play, and play they did......Just before they head offshore for a 7 week tour....Good Luck! 
Wet Blankets rock between two positions on “Slag”, like a guy crouched in a corner suffering from withdrawals. There’s either guttural hollers accompanied by spasming guitars, or there’s torpedoing, destructive guitar that razes anything within earshot.

Band: Wet Blankets.

Members: Zane Gardner (guitar/vocals), Mitch Campleman (drums), Billy Gardner (bass).

Summary: Geelong garage band fronted by 15-year-old Zane Gardner and backed by two members ofThe Living Eyes as well as an alternating second guitarist in Zak Olsen and Jake Robertson (both of The Frowning Clouds and Hierophants). 

Played first gig last August at Geelong’s Pan Studios; 

Wet Blankets, fronted by 15-year-old Zane Gardener, played their first show at Pan in August last year. Since then the band have released a seven-inch on Italian label Goodbye Boozy, played shows in Melbourne and have an upcoming LP on the way.

Gardner comes from a solid punk rock background, his father Grant played with legendary Geelong band Bored! while brother and band-mate Billy plays in Ausmuteants and Living Eyes. But Wet Blankets is Zane’s band, a band who have loads of ability when it comes to writting buzzy punks songs but not so much when it comes to holding down guitarists.

Their forthcoming LP Rise of Wet Blankets was tracked by the band as three-piece line up before guitarists Zak Olsen (Hierophants) and Jake Roberston (Ausmuteants) took turns shredding over the top.

The record pops with a rebellious punky swagger as Zane sings about shitty teachers and stealing carrots from supermarkets.

“Rise Of Wet Blankets” is available on 12” vinyl through Anti Fade records in Australia and Agitated records in the UK from March 16 - SOLD OUT

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