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How to Pray the Divine Office in Latin

How to Pray the Divine Office in Latin What is the Divine Office?

Praying throughout marked intervals throughout the day is the ancient and revered custom of the Catholic Church. This is the Divine Office and the book that contains it is called the Roman Breviary(usually printed in 2 or 3 volumes). The new revised version after the Second Vatican Council is commonly called the Liturgy of the Hours (LOTH printed in 4 volumes).

Traditionally the hours were as follows:

Matins (midnight)Lauds (before sunrise)Prime (6am)Terce (9am)Sext (12pm)None (3pm)Vespers (evening)Compline (bedtime)
After the Second Vatican Council, the hours were reduced to the following arrangement in the Liturgy of the Hours (LOTH):

1. Office of Readings (formerly Matins – now at any time) 2. Lauds (morning) Prime is now suppressed and gone 3. Midday Prayer – only one of the following is required: Terce (9am) Sext (12pm) None (3pm) 4. Vespers (evening) 5. Compline (bedtime)
What are the other difference…

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