Saturday, May 12, 2018

Watch This Baker Make Volcano Bread



"Welcome to my bakery, here is my oven!" With this little phrase, Viktor Sveisson presents his playground. This Icelandic baker, unlike the others, uses the hot springs in a volcanic region of his country to cook rye bread.

In this documentary dubbed Volcano Bread, director Alison Grasso took a closer look at this unconventional technique that allows for a soft and very soft bread.

In the video, Viktor Sveisson explains his cooking process. After making his dough, the baker locks it in a large sealed container and bury it over a hot spring. After 24 hours, Sveisson unearths the perfectly cooked bread that is ready to eat with a generous slathering of butter.

Check out this mini-documentary that won an award at the 2016 Food Film Festival in New York. It's not as dangerous as roasting marshmallows by a volcano but the technique will surprise you!
Discover the science of homemade bread and the chemistry behind every loaf.

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