Thursday, March 1, 2018

How to Make 18th Century Mac 'n' Cheese



It's comforting to know that back in the 18th century they were as obsessed with mac 'n' cheese as we are today.

In this video, Townsends, the YouTube channel dedicated to 18th century living brings to life a recipe for 'macaroni' from a 1784 English cookbook and guess what? It's not too similar from the kind of recipes for mac 'n' cheese we know and love, there's even a form of roux consiting of a ball of butter rolled in flour.

The end result, cooked over fire, smothered with Parmesan and finished with a neat looking handheld salamander looks pretty tasty too.

Townsends, which has close to half a million subscribers, has loads more interesting recipes for 18th century versions of foods we still enjoy today, such as fried chicken or doughnuts.

Check out their macaroni cheese recipe below. 

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