Wednesday, February 21, 2018

How to Make St.Patrick's Day Cupcakes


St.Patrick's Day is the perfect excuse to go green, especially when it comes to celebratory food, like St.Patrick's Day Cupcakes.

Whether you have a favourite cupcake recipe, like this gluten free recipe for mini sponges or you simply like to get creative with toppings, there are plenty of ways to make your batch of St.Patricks Day Cupcakes suitably festive on 17 March.

Top your St.Patrick's Day cupcakes with lashings of homemade buttercream frosting mixed with a splash of green food colouring a generous scattering of green sprinkles, and a green shamrock to keep the theme green.

Or, if you prefer to go green with the sponge try this recipe from garnish and glaze that yields a striking green velvet cake topped off with a more striking white cream cheese frosting and a chocolate coin.

If you prefer to go green naturally, without using food colouring, find out how to make St.Patrick's Day Cupcakes from - where mint imparts a mildly green-hued sponge which is then topped them with fluffy whipped cream frosting and a green maraschino cherry.

Whichever you choose, they are all ready in less than an hour, including preparation and cooking time, meaning you'll soon have a batch of these fun green muffins to your liking, that say St.Patrick's Day has arrived!


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