Thursday, February 22, 2018

18 Pics from the Nordics' Newly Michelin-Starred Restaurants


This year's Michelin Guide to the Nordics was eventful, with the region gaining a new three star, two new two stars and seven new one star restaurants.

That three star was chef Bjorn Frantzén's eponymous restaurant in Stcokcholm, which only reopened in September 2017 having relocated from its old two Michelin star site in the city's old town, to downtown. Serving just 23 diners, Frantzén and the team serve up a countertop tasting menu of Japanese-inspired, Nordic fare, and have garnered rave reviews at their new site. You can read our interview and see some of the dishes here.

Daniel Berlin, a small five table family-run restaurant in the south of Sweden won a long awaited second star, while also joining the two star club was Copnehagen's Kadeau, where chef Nicolai Norregaard's menu reads like a greatest hits of Nordic produce, heavy on pickles and preserves cultivated from the island of Bornholm off the southern coast of Sweden where the second Kadeau is located.

Enjoy a selection of pictures from the two-michelin star restaurants below.

Kadeau pics by Marie Louise Munkegaard.



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