Tuesday, December 12, 2017

What is Pandan? Meet the Herb having a Moment


Hailed as the new matcha and endorsed by British food writer Nigella Lawson, pandan is the new food craze reportedly set to sweep across Britain.

What is Pandan?

The aromatic leafy herb that hails from Asia is already popular in the US, and the domestic goddess predicts that its spell is spreading.

In Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and beyond, the herbaceous tropical plant which grows in Southeast Asia is commonly used as a flavouring, like in the West.

Pandan tastes similar to almond or vanilla, although the pandan has many other virtues such as treating sunburns, warding off insects or reducing stress.

How to Use the Pandan Leaf?

Pandan leaves can be used to infuse coconut milk or homemade sauces or blitzed into a paste with a little water, ideal for use in batters, custards and creams.

In pancakes and ice-cream pandan adds a fragrant edge, but is just at home in savoury cooking giving rice some extra flavouring.

Pandan also comes in essence form, which can be used just like vanilla or almond.


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