Saturday, October 14, 2017

Wardrobe Snacks: Dress Like You Eat

Wardrobe Snacks: Dress Like You Eat


A selection of monochromatic photos from Michelle Maguire and Kelsey McClellan's food photography series inspired by the act of eating snacks.

The creative duo Terrence Caviar was created by the San Francisco based photographer Kelsey McClellan together with the stylist and art director Michelle Maguire. Inspired by diners lacking a seat at the table, they created the Wardrobe Snacks series, a photographic project that focuses on close-ups of hands holding various types of snacks: from more usual ones, like an ice cream cone or a wafer, to more original snacks like an oyster.

The snacks are the protagonists of these monochromatic pictures, as each image is built starting from them: the choice of the dress, the light, and the position of the hands holding them.

We can have a snack no matter where we are. "They’re informal — perhaps even a bit awkward — spaces as far as eating is concerned, yet the diner always appears to be comfortable and perfectly satisfied with his chosen snack, almost zen-like," McClellan explains. The most important thing is that the clothing perfectly matches with foods' colours and textures, giving a chic finishing touch to the act of eating.

We have selected some amazing and mouthwatering pictures from the Wardrobe Snacks project, enjoy the gallery at the top of the page!

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