This Man Makes The World's Best Chef Knives


What can we say about Bob Kramer, he’s one of our favourite craftsmen in the world, why? Because he produces some of the most sought after chef knives in the culinary world, so much so, he even made Anthony Bourdain months before he made his order.

Normally Kramer fashions his chef knives using meteorite metal, and they’ve become some of the most special, most expensive and mot beautiful knives on the market.

In the video below, Kramer sets about explaining how he became a master bladesmith, from his first ever lesson to how he slowly picked up each step of the process that now lays behind the production of his world famous knives.

For those who want to know more about Kramer’s knives, we’ve also added a video that shows a great behind the scene look at how he actually makes the knives. Just listen to Bourdain as he laps praise on what he calls “the most awesome knife in the world”.


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