Wednesday, October 25, 2017

These Amazing Cakes are Totally Indedible



What do you do if a food intolerance means you can't live out your cake fantasies by devouring them ... well, you sculpt them out of porcelain and glass instead.

Yes, these amazing cake creations are in fact the hyperrealistic food art by artist Shayna Leib who has embraced her dietary challenge head on in a series entitled "Patisserie." Instead of denying her sweet tooth, she is living out her love of french fancies by re-creating them in ornate works of art.

“This body of work started as a therapeutic exercise in deconstruction and a re-training of the mind to look at dessert as form rather than food,” Leib explains. “It soon became a technical riddle, and I became a food taxidermist of French pastries.”

Much like the artisanal process of making refined French patisserie, working with glass also requires several processes and manual dexterity and care akin to a patissier: glassblowing, hot-sculpting, lampwork, fusing, casting, and grinding in glass and well as the ceramic techniques of hand-building, throwing, and using a good old fashioned pastry tube all come into play.

See creation's from the world's best patissier.

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