Thursday, October 19, 2017

Hello Egg is your New Smart Kitchen Assistant


One of the best things about progress is the futuristic inventions that promise to make life a litle easier for us. Sometimes, they turn out to be duds, but others, well, they really can be an inspiration.

Take Hello Egg, the new voice activated smart kitchen assistant, whose producers' promise will help the modern millenial with everyday kitchen based tasks, like ordering the shopping and cooking recipes step by step.


The distinctive oval shape might fool us into thinking this is gimmicky egg timer, but behind that bulbous body is a highly complex world. Hello Egg is the new kitchen assistant (and not only that) that has been designed to thinking for, and encourage the amateur home cook.

An interactive user friendly display let's you plan your weekly meals according to your food preferences - vegan, gluten-free, etc. - and then orders your shopping directly for you.

Hello Egg also has other functions like streaming music, keeping time, sharing recipes for all tastes which are voice activated with video steps, plus a dedicated team on call for any kind of problems you may encounter.

In short, Hello Egg is the perfect willing kitchen companion and ally that you never knew you needed.

You can pre-order your Hello Egg here.

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