Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Ferran Adrià Explains Avant-Garde Cuisine with a Bunch of Grapes


There’s no denying the impact Ferran Adrià has had on the culinary world, his elBulli restaurant in Roses, Spain, changed the way chefs around the world approached creativity.

Adria truly is an avant-garde chef, someone who has pushed boundaries and carved a new path for the way people cook and perceive food.

In the video above, filmed during The Mad Symposium, Adrià sets about explaining the landscape of gastronomy using a bunch of grapes.

That’s right, watch as the Spanish chef snips away at the grapes, removing layers of the industry before he’s quickly left with just one grape and a very simple example for explaining just how difficult it to create avant-garde cuisine.

Ferran is a leader, someone who looked way outside the norms to start the movement he created, and anyone wanting to push boundaries in today’s kitchen will surely take inspiration from what he has to say.

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