Boutique Restaurant's Fried Chicken is Actually from Popeyes



A restaurant in California has been caught ordering in fried chicken from the considerably cheaper fast food chain Popeyes and trying to pass it off as its own, and when confronted, had a bizarre response that has since gone viral.

The deception was uncovered when Yelp user Tyler H caught a member of staff bringing boxes of the chicken into the kitchen at Sweet Dixie Kitchen in Long Beach.

The restaurant and its staff came clean and Tyler and his friends were compensated for their meal, but Dixie owner Kimberly Sanchez chose a bullish response online, claiming that the restaurant was ‘proud’ to be serving Popeyes chicken, despite the restaurant website once claiming, as Grub Streetreports, that everything was made in-house.

The story has since gone viral, with the restaurant’s Facebook (now offline) and Yelp pages taking a real battering, perhaps the closest the restaurant has come to battering in a while.

Anyway, watch Sanchez explain in this clip and judge for yourself.


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