Tuesday, October 31, 2017

15 Stunning Dishes from Paris's New Plating Star


Atsushi Tanaka is a Japanese-born chef who plies his trade in Paris. He’s worked all over the world, including Pierre Gagnaire in Tokyo, Quique Dacosta in Spain and Geranium in Copenhagen, and though his cuisine may be hard to define, neither Japanese, Spanish nor French, and he is yet to win a Michelin star, his presentation style, minimalist and idiosyncratic, has led to the likes of Gagnaire describing him as the ‘Picasso of the Kitchen.’

Signature dishes at his Restaurant A.T in Paris's Latin Quarter include ‘Camouflage,’ which buries a fillet of arctic char under shards of solid parsley and juniper, and an all grey dessert of blueberry, hinoki, and coal.

This month Tanaka was awarded the ‘Best Food Art’ prize at the Best Chef Awards 2017 in Warsaw, an event that also ranked 300 of the world’s best chefs.

Here are 15 of his dishes for you to enjoy. Check out loads more over on the restaurant's Instagram page.

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