Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Make Edward Lee’s 22-Ingredient BBQ Sauce


Here’s a great video from the Mind of a Chef archive, featuring Edward Lee’s 22 ingredient version of a BBQ mop sauce.

BBQ sauces differ from State to State in the US, as this infographic explains, and from chef to chef, something Lee eludes too when explaining why his sauce has so many ingredients – essentially he’s taken the secret ingredients of all the people he’s met and combined them into one sauce.

Those ingredients include bourbon, coffee, cola, Chinese fermented black bean paste and raisins. That’s on top of the standard base flavours of tomato, vinegar, mustard, sugar and spices.

It’s called a mop sauce because you just gently mop it onto the meat, in this case smoked goat. We’d happily mop all of that sauce up, straight from the pot.

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