Friday, September 22, 2017

How to Butcher a Pig: Every Pork Cut Explained


Here’s another great butchery video from Bon Appétit magazine, this time focusing on how to butcher a pig.

In it we see butcher Bryan Mayer tackling a side of pork that’s been hung for seven days, first breaking it down into the five main cuts – shoulder, belly, loin, ham and head – and then down further into various chops, steaks, bacon, etc.

What’s clear is just how little of a pig is wasted if butchered properly: the amount of meat and different products you can get from this one animal is astounding.

Okay, so many of us won’t ever find ourselves needing to butcher a whole side of pork, but it’s fascinating to learn exactly where all your favourite cuts come from on the animal.

It’s a long watch, but well worth seeing through to the end. And once you’re done, check out their guide to how to butcher a cow, which is a must see.

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