Thursday, September 21, 2017

10 Dishes from China's Newest Three Michelin Star Restaurant


The big news to come from the unveiling of the second ever Michelin Guide to Shanghai was the awarding of a third star to French chef Paul Pairet’s Ultraviolet restaurant, having picked up two stars in the inaugural guide.

The restaurant, open since 2012, is the embodiment of Pairet’s concept of ‘Psycho Taste,’ his exploration of how everything but taste, affects taste.

As we discovered when we took a look behind the scenes in 2014, each night at a secret location, just 10 diners are treated to a 20-course, multi-sensory dining experience in a room fitted with “56 speakers, seven high resolution projectors, and four dry smell projectors.”

When I spoke to Pairet earlier in the year about a new venture in Shanghai, he seemed a little miffed that Michelin hadn’t awarded the restaurant three stars at the first time of asking, though I didn’t include this in the final article. Now, Pairet has got his wish.

Enjoy some of the dishes below.

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