Wednesday, August 9, 2017

This is the Best Restaurant City in America

Food magazine Bon Appétit has named Chicago as the US's Restaurant City of the Year for 2017.

Home to 35 Michelin stars, the city is “clearly America’s most exciting city to eat in right now,” according to Senior Editor Julia Kramer, herself a Chicago native.

The city is praised for the strength of both its fine dining and neighbourhood restaurant scenes, its bar food and exciting developments in both Mexican and Korean cuisines. “Where other cities fall into soulless trend cycles, Chicago has a way of generating distinctively personal restaurants,” says Kramer.

Bon Appétit recently named four Chicago restaurants in its list of the 50 Best New Restaurants in America, while Grant Achatz’s Alinea is Business Insider’s Best Restaurant in America for 2017.

Read the article in full here. Last year’s winner was Washington, D.C.

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