Friday, August 18, 2017

Are Young Chefs Trying to Rise too Fast?

Chef Scott Conant is upset about the rise of young culinary students trying to skip important lessons and instead going straight for the celebrity limelight.

The old-school chefs of today certainly have some sound words of advice to pass on to the new-schoolers and that's exactly what Scott Conant does in the video below.

Speaking to Food Republic for their Strong Opinions series, Conant has a lot to say about the rise of grad school culinary kids who want nothing more than fast-track celebrity.

It's a gripe shared by many chefs in Conant's position. He wants to see more young chefs putting in the hard work and man hours required to truly hone the craft of the kitchen.

If you're a young chef just starting out, this video is a must. If you're someone who's been working for years in kitchens - you'll feel vindicated for sure.


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