Friday, July 17, 2015

Nudity. Celebrating the Female Form or Just Misogyny

The “Odalisque” which literally means female slave or member of a harem, has a long history in art, and here are some of my favorites. A celebration of the female form, there has always been a certain tension between the sacred and the profane imbued in this motif that reflects the particular moment in time of the culture it is created in. For a long time, naked woman were only allowed to be depicted in biblical or mythologic scenes. Centuries of this practice was shattered in the mid 19th century, most notably, and explicitly, by Manet.

There is no question that the female form has been one of the most persistent and captivating subjects for artists – who have been mostly male – throughout time. Woman has been celebrated, in the history of art, as God’s greatest creation, but also, used to serve the purient interests of a controlling male patrimony. The female form has almost always been the ultimate measure of beauty, in terms of form, in art. Perhaps had we evolved as a matriarchal society, that would not be true. 

But, in society, as in art, there has always been this tension between the sacred and the profane in the male view of women.

torture symbol
the female form
is a torture symbol
for any man
whose mind isn't nimble
who cant think of anything
witty and charming

who cant take a phrase
or smile disarmingly
and if maybe your body
isn't so great
with beautiful women
you'll seldom rate

and unless you were blessed
with godlike features
you've little hope
for attracting creatures
but there's always money
fortune and fame

accumulate enough
and you can have any dame
but don't think i'm putting
women down
upon gods finest creatures
id never frown

I've just had this aching
since puberty
to have beautiful women
give love to me
but I've never been one of
the lucky ones
physically attractive enough

to join in their fun
and i never was quite able
to accumulate
enough material possessions
to attract a beautiful mate
no the physically elite
prefer their own kind

to the rest of humanity
their sexually blind
just following the dictates
of natural selection
nature cares a damn little
for my feelings of rejection
and yet
my feeling of pain are oh
so real

try as i might
i cant change the way i feel
this aching lust
for the female form
makes my waking hours
a thing of scorn

and little rest
in sleep do i find
erotic dreams
aren't always kind
for what respite
is erotic dreaming

when in frustrated daylight
my mind is still screaming
each day is spent
in a thwarted limbo
because the female form
is a torture symbol

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